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Myscene Makeover Party fashion

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***Radica Digi Makeover - Digi Makeover Game

Digi Makeover - Radica Digi Makeover Game

Digi makeover Product Features

  • Interactive touchpad with built-in digital camera
  • Plugs directly into your TV
  • Tons of cool effects for makeup, hair, clothes and accessories
  • More than 50 hairstyles and colors
  • Save your new looks
  • Our Recommended Age: 8 - 13 years
  • Manufacturer Recommended Age: 8 years and up
  • Batteries: 4 AA batteries required.
  • Average Customer Review: based on 6 reviews.

Product Description

From the Manufacturer
Now girls with a passion for fashion can see who they can be with Digi Makeover. This cool touchpad console with built-in digital camera connects to the TV so girls can take their picture and get crazy with their very own digital makeover! Use the touchpad and stylus to add tons of cool efects for makeup, hair, clothes, and accessories. The Digi Makeover has more than 50 different hairstyles and colors to choose from. Best of all, you can makeover a friend in Photo Booth mode. The Digi Makeover console saves your best looks for instant recall on your TV screen.

From the Manufacturer
Now girls with a passion for fashion can see who they can be with Digi Makeover. A cool touchpad console with a digital camera connects to the TV so girls can take their picture and get crazy with their very own makeover! Use the touchpad and stylus too.

It has potential, October 20, 2006

I bought this for my daughter's 12th birthday and while I think it has great potential for her to play with. (I haven't give it to her yet).

I opened it up to put batteries in it..and of course make sure it worked and see how it worked.

I was impressed with size and the way it works, lots of options, so I don't think she will get bored to quickly and I see it being a hit at slumber parties, etc.

One thing I think that would make this more appealing would be a card slot or some sort of removable memory so that kids could share their creations by email or on a website with other kids, this would probably jack the price up, but just having images confined to the toy itself seems like it is missing something in these days. Even a standard usb port to be able to transfer to the computer would be good

My Scene Goes Hollywood
From Vivendi Universal Interactive Publishing

MyScene Goes to Hollywood

Product Description
MyScene Goes Hollywood, the favourite old My Scene game that brings your favorite dolls to life! Barbie, Madison, Nolee, Chelsea, and Delancey are dressed to impress, when they stumble across a movie set and pass themselves off as extras. It's MyScene -  M y S cene you know what I mean MyScene! A cool game, with lots of   activities to play and where you can win awards. Also includes mini games, and you can give the girls a head to toe makeover. Give them a completely different face feature by putting make up and change their hair etc. You can also dress two of the girls and get them ready. This game is definitely for girls only, recommended for girls 7 & up. If you & love the My Scene girls then   what is better than to see them in action!?...



MyScene Fashion Games

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HOT!!!Knowledge Adventure Girl Game Trio: Mazes, Magic, and Makeover  by Vivendi Universal

This Game is so Fun!
Reviewer: A software user

This game is for girls only.It lets you yes you be yourself.You can have quizzes that only girls can answer.You even can to do magic.Trust me this game is AWSOME!That is the fun in girls!

NEW!! Knowledge Adventure Games for Girls

Knowledge Adventure Games for Girls Product Description
Girls, ages 4 to 9, will get hours of fun from Knowledge Adventure Games for Girls. This playset features action-packed fun with Barbie and Sabrina, along with a pet shop sim from Fisher-Price. Girls can create their own animated stories starring Barbie in Barbie Storymaker, and, for something different, there's extreme racing and sports action in Barbie Super Sports. Show off your snowboarding stunts, blade with Barbie and friends down a radical race course, or pick out a cool outfit in the sport shop--this title's action-packed and extremely fun.
But the entertainment doesn't stop there. Join Sabrina and friends for five fun and wacky arcade-style games set at the Greendale Mall. Based on the hit TV show Sabrina: The Animated Series, it's up to you and Sabrina to set things straight and save the day. From the Greendale Mall, girls can move to Fisher-Price Pet Shop, where they can feed and care for animals in an interactive setting. Choose names, groom and bathe the pets, even play pet shop vet. Girls will also learn about more than 40 species of furry, feathered, and scaly animals, and along the way enjoy some paw-stomping songs.
Overall, this playset's got it all.

Very good, but seems hard..., October 27, 2002
A Kid's Review

My little 4 year old sister got this game for Christmas last year. She loves it! She wouldn't stop playing it, but insisted that I came on with her as she found some of the games quite hard. She likes Fisher Price Pet Shop the best because she can work it on her own, but doesn't like Barbie Super Sports because she can never win the races. She enjoys them all the same.

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Fun for Girls - Sabrina, Riding Star, Total Style Makeover

Total Style Makeover
Non-stop fun with this fantastic 3 CD-ROM pack, containing Sabrina Brat Attack, Mary King's Riding Star and Virtual Makeover! Hot Games for Cool Girls!

Sabrina Brat Attack
Play the adventure a Brat Attack! Help Sabrina get the Beanie back! Amanda has done it, the world?s askew. The only one that can help is you? Encounter one exciting adventure after another as you help Sabrina put together the Anti-Brat Pack. Journey to the Other Realm to rescue the Beanie of Ultimate Power from Amanda?s clutches.

  • Magical mysteries and spells!
  • 5 levels if challenging game play!
  • The real voices of Salem the Cat and Melissa Joan Hart as Sabrina!
  • Action packed adventure!

Mary King's Riding Star
Become a World Champion! Compete against friends, or the computer in your quest to become World Champion with this fully interactive equestrian simulation. Feed, water and groom your horse before competing in dressage, cross-country, show jumping and a complete three-day event on 10 different courses.

Realistic 3D horse and rider animations including walk, trot, canter, gallop and refusals. Interactive stable area, with a tack room, stall and paddock.
Training arena for players to practice their skills.
Realistic sound effects and atmospheres.

Total Makeover
No cutting, no colouring, no perming or squirming just VIRTUAL REALITY to razzle your dazzle! Hey! All you fun and funky gals out there! Need to glitz and spritz up your image but don't dare dice with a mega style disaster? No fear, Glitter & Gloss Total Style Makeover is at your rescue. Suss out sassy hairstyles, check out cosmically cool make-up colours and sport seriously styling shades to release that glam and groovy babe you always knew lurked within.

BestSeller Junior: Barbie Beauty Boutique

Barbie Beauty Makeover Game
For the 1st time ever, Barbie Beauty Boutique combines girls? favourite makeover themes all in one title ? offering the best hair, makeup and fashion fun!
Become the ultimate stylist as you join Barbie and her friends for a fun fashion challenge. Get each friend ready for the most glamorous events and transform them with great new looks featuring fabulous hair, makeup and fashion for a complete head to toe makeover. Start with hair and design a totally glam style ? don?t forget to accessorise. Then go for an amazing facial, create the perfect look with trendy makeup, even add nail colour. Next choose a stunning outfit from a variety of fashions made just for the big event. For the grand finale watch your entire step by step makeover in a photo montage. It?s an exciting day of glitz and glamour you?ll never forget

Cosmopolitan Fashion Makeover

Cosmopolitan Fashion Makeover

NEW: From the makers of the #1 women's beauty software*, Cosmopolitan Virtual Makeover, comes the new way to browse, try on, and buy the latest name-brand fashions**all through your computer!

A Tailored Wardrobe for Your Unique Look & Figure
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have your own expert fashion advisor, someone who could create an entire new wardrobe tailored just for you? With Cosmopolitan? Fashion Makeover, you can input your measurements to create your 3D model, get expert fashion advice for your figure, mix and match new fashions, and go online to shop for great fashions that look great on you! But please note that you will need to already have a copy of
"Cosmopolitan Virtual Makeover 2.0 " to use this game.


Sugar Virtual Makeover

Sugar Virtual Makeover



  • Create sensational looks at the click of a button
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Make-up, Hairstyles, Body Art
  • Jewellery, Hair Accessories, Nail Art

Fancy a new look, but not sure what to go for? Well, now you can discover your dream style with Sugar's glam-tastic virtual reality makeover studio!


Suss out what make-up styles work for you by using "Make-up with Attitude" from Minders International. You can change your image for an instant or for good as you slick on luscious lippy, dust on dazzling eyeshadow, match up your mascara and blend in babelicious blusher.

Whether you decide to glam it up, got hip 'n' funky, or keep it casual and cool, Claire's Accessories has the perfect jewellery to suit your look. It's fun, easy and hassle-free. If you don't like your new look, simply start again!

It's easy! Simply scan in a photo of you or your mate or, if you don't have a scanner, use a digital camera, import an image from a KODAK Picture CD, or use one of the models provided. Then you're ready to start creating those sassy styles you've always dreamed of!

Once you've finished your virtual makeover, you can email it to a mate, so they can make their own changes to your new style. You can also print out any of the looks you or your friends have created, so you can file 'em for future reference, or take them with you when you hit the high street - it's the only shopping list you'll need!

Barbie Guess the Look Makeover Game
by Mattel

Barbie Guess the Look Makeover Game

Product Features

BARBIE FASHION FEVER GUESS-THE-LOOK GAME The Guess-The-Look? Game incorporates deductive reasoning with fun Barbie? fashion features:
Includes two vanity mirrors, over 40 interchangeable electrostatic cling hair and facial feature pieces and16 cameo cards
Now you can guess your friend's new makeover look or create one of your own
For two to four players
Recommended Age Range 6 and Up

Product Description

From the Manufacturer
BARBIE FASHION FEVER GUESS-THE-LOOK GAME The Guess-The-Look Game incorporates deductive reasoning with fun Barbie fashion features. Includes two vanity mirrors, over 40 interchangeable electrostatic cling hair and facial feature pieces and 16 cameo cards. Now you can guess your friend's new makeover look or create one of your own. For two to four players. Closed box with 5th panel and try-me feature. Ages 6 and over.

Reviews from Games Players

= Durability = Fun = Educational

= Overall
SO not worth the money, August 3, 2005
Reviewer: L. B. Fritz (Stroudsburg, PA USA)

Barbie Fashion Fever Guess-The-Look Game seemed like the perfect choice for my six-year-old daughter. I got mine at K-Mart, and even though I did have a second's pause at the $14.99 price tag, (as opposed to the even more ridiculous price of $16.99 as listed by Amazon), I whisked it off the shelf anyway, since the day before my daughter had a horrible trip-and-fall accident (very badly split lip, 25 stitches, four middle-of-the-night hours in the ER) and I wasn't exactly in a mood to skimp; and she could play it while "quietly" recuperating. I also had high hopes for the game since it appeared to be a cool Barbie Fashion-version of the "Guess Who?" game, which we have owned and enjoyed for a few years. If you are not familiar with the "Guess Who?" game, (and its newest counterpart, the "Guess Where?" game - cute but not as fun as the original), the premise is to ask yes or no questions to the opposing player to try and figure out which person they have (out of a possible 25 or so), and they, in turn, try and guess which person the other player has, using the classic "Battleship" setup of "plastic briefcases" that open and shield the other player's view. (Questions such as "Is it a man?" "Are they wearing a hat?" "Do they have blonde hair" etc.)

I think the most fun part may have been when we first opened up the game and had to pull the pieces off their initial backing (the material is the same thin, clingy, plastic as those window-cling decorations that are out for every holiday) and place them in their matching location in the fashion folder. There were hair selections in varying colors and styles, hats, eyes, mouths, earrings, necklaces. Once all the pieces are put into place, you pick a card and the opposing player picks a card, and you try to guess which Fashion Barbie each other has picked. After asking yes or no questions, you take the appropriate clingy piece and put it on a blank mannequin-type drawing of a head in a picture frame, eventually getting hair, eyes, mouth, earrings or necklaces if applicable, etc.

Sounds fun, but there is such a limited selection of gals to choose from, and the entire repertoire is displayed within each folder, that within a few turns it becomes obvious who each other has. And the pieces tend to fall off the upright picture frame, or they end up too stuck on and when you try to remove them, you end up scratching the color off the piece. After one round with my six-year-old daughter and one round with my seven-year-old daughter, interest was beginning to wane, the color had been scratched off of one set of lips (making them look cut and scarred, ironically enough, considering what my daughter had just gone through), and the brown eyes were lost from one set (both folders contain exactly the same pieces). The girls then had some fun (as did I) just making up different girls on the picture frame, without even using the cards or playing the game, but that only lasted a few minutes more.

The verdict? A $15.00 game that was fun and entertaining for less than a half-hour, and is now destined for the closet (or more likely, back to K-mart). And only one set of pieces for each folder (and remember, there are only two folders to begin with) with no back-up pieces included. Couldn't they have included some duplicate pieces? After all, you can buy an entire, huge sheet of those holiday window cling-ons for a buck!!! How cheap can you get? You probably have to send away to Mattell for another set of pieces, which probably cost $7.99 - not including $3.99 for shipping and handling!!

My advice is: Don't waste your money. This game is listed at $16.99? In my opinion, it's worth maybe six or seven bucks, not a penny more. But even at that amount, the entertainment value may wear thin before you get your money's worth. Buy the original "Guess Who?" game instead.


B-Bel Extreme Makeover Family Home - Large

B-Bel Extreme Makeover Family Home - Large

Product Features

  • Thrill and encourage the budding interior decorator with this do-it-yourself dollhouse design kit
  • More than 150 pieces, including furnishings, stamps, yarn, fabric, paint and more to complete your masterpiece
  • This 2-story, 4-room dream home is modular so you can add rooms at any time
  • Plastic walls feature battery power for running electric lights

    Product Description
    There are dollhouses. And then there are dollhouses. This one is of the second type. Inspired by the current spate of addictive reality/makeover TV shows, the B-Bel Extreme Makeover Family Home will motivate and thrill budding interior decorators. The do-it-yourself dollhouse design kit has more than 150 pieces, including furnishings, stamps, yarn, fabric, paint and more to complete your masterpiece. The 2-story, 4-room dream home is modular so you can add rooms at any time, and the plastic walls feature battery power for running electric lights. 23.5Hx20Wx10D".

    This house is soooo fun!!!!!!!!, December 4, 2006
    Reviewer: Kristi A. Tuomy "cricket" (las vegas, NV USA)

    I bought two of these for my 13 and 8 year old daughters. They absolutely love them!!!! I think these houses are great for any age. I would enjoy one and my great grandma wants to get one for her sister who is in her 80's. My 13 year old put the two houses together with the help of her little sister in about 45 minutes. They have been creating completely different styles from one another and are both in heaven! The only thing I would recommend is not getting it for a child that is too young because they are made to handle with care. (Not really for playing) just designing....I WANT ONE!!!



    Extreme Makeover Home Edition House
    by B-BEL INC.


Our Recommended Age: 6 - 12 years
Manufacturer Recommended Age: 6 - 12 years

Not yet reviewed: Available now from our Kids Store


Bratz Make up, Makeover and Fashion Games !!!!

Pixel Chix - Love 2 Shop Mall: Salon & Pet Shop

Pixel Chix Mall!

Product Features

  • Virtual mall has a flip screen that allows your Pixel Chix gal to move between the shops
  • 7 different input buttons allow for many interactions
  • The more your Pixel Chix gal works, the more she has to spend in the mall
  • Mini-mall closes up into a stylish handbag-shaped case


for more Hot Makeover and Fashion Games; Pixel Chix - Bratz F ashion DVD Game - Barbie - Knowledge Adventure - Polly Pocket - and more!

Bratz Fashion Games to Play on the computer

Bratz Fashio DVD Game!

Product Features

Be the first player to collect all 8 makeover items and return to Stylesville, and you win the game!
Recommended Age Range 6+

Product Description


Your Daily DressUp Game |


My Life Makeover Diary game


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