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Barbie and Ken Wedding
Play Barbie PetshopBarbie Magic Makeover 2
Barbie and Ken Wedding, Petshop,  Magic Makeover

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Play Princess Charm School

Play our fun, new, Barbie Princess games, as Blair Willows, and her princess friends, from the popular Princess Charm School,  and find all the hidden hearts ....


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Barbie vs PonyBarbie Magic Makeover 2Barbie as Rapunzel

Barbie Pony , Makeover Magic and Rapunzel

Fashion FeverFashion StylingPlay Rock Chick!

***Cool!!!Barbie Fashion Fever Stylin and Rock Chic

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Barbie In The 12 Dancing Princesses
12 Dancing Princesses

16 Exciting game levels and four unlockable mini games
Use special skills and gifts from each sister to overcome obstacles and save the king from the poison potion
Explore the castle and royal grounds including the Throne Room, Golden Pavillion, Towers and Secret Stairways

Product Description
Barbie in the 12 Dancing Princesses is the story of Barbie as Genevieve, 1 of 12 sisters who live happily with their father the king. Concerned that the high-spirited, independent princesses need more structure to become proper princesses, the king invites his cousin, the Dutchess Rowena to move into the castle. Rather than help, Rowina forbids the sisters from singing and dancing and squelches their individuality. The princesses discover a magical enchanted world and escape the tyranny of Rowena. But when Genevieve learns that their father's life is in danger, the sisters must unite to save the king and their kingdom.

Princess Genevieve Doll - Barbie In The 12 Dancing Princesses

Princess Genevieve Doll -  In The 12 Dancing Princesses

Editorial Revieww
Capitalizing on the princess passion so many young girls harbor these days, the folks at Universal Studios and Mattel have developed a veritable princess bonanza with the "Barbie in the 12 Dancing Princesses" dolls and DVD. Not to be confused (or linked too closely) with the Brothers Grimm fairy tale of the same name, this story deals with a dozen princesses who are taught royal etiquette by a duchess who does not believe in fun and games. Genevieve (played by that star of stage and screen, Barbie) and her sisters find a way to bring dancing and joy back into their lives. The glamorous Genevieve doll is sure to spark hours of imaginary playtime among girls, whether they?ve seen the movie or not. Genevieve?s skirt is a froth of pink and gold that actually spins and lights up! Her adorable little kitten accompanies Genevieve/Barbie, and is decked out in her own rose-colored gown and gold crown. Requires two "AAA" batteries (not included). Other sisters are sold separately. --Emilie Coulterr

Product DescriptionProduct Description
In the DVD release, Barbie in The Twelve Dancing Princesses, Barbie doll plays a special role as Princess Genevieve, one of twelve sisters. This beautiful Barbie doll with dramatic features will let girls reenact scenes from the magical story again and again. Barbie doll wears a beautiful rose-colored gown with a skirt that spins and lights up. Includes a miniature Twyla cat figure, too. Measures 12"

Barbie Diaries: High School Mystery
by Activision
Platform: Windows 2000 / 98 /

Barbie Diaries -  High School Mystery

Product Features

For 1 player
Help Barbie unravel a mystery in this exciting adventure RPG
Explore 19 different high-school locations in search of clues
Experience a food fight, gymnastics class, and soccer practice
Talk with classmates and teachers to uncover new leads

Product Description - From the Manufacturer
Based on the popular Barbie Diaries DVD movie, High School Mystery finds Barbie, Tia, and Courtney in some puzzling situations that will require some real sleuthing to resolve. Help Barbie explore her high school in search of clues. Talk with classmates and teachers to uncover new leads and find the culprits. Solving mysteries has never been so much fun!
Valuable items for the high-school charity auction are missing! Help Barbie follow the trail of clues throughout the school in pursuit of the culprit. Using  high-tech tools, together you can unravel this mystery.


Activate the BDA (Barbie Diary Assistant), packed with lots of cool investigative tools like the Picture Descrambler, Infrared Viewer, and MP3 Decoder.
Explore 19 different locations at the high school including the cafeteria, principal's office, and even the roof.
Keep on your toes as you follow the clues through a food fight, a gymnastics class, and a wild soccer practice.

Product Description
In this game, Barbie and the members of her band Charmz are preparing for their school battle of the bands competition when they receive a mysterious warning to withdraw from the competition. To solve this mystery, Barbie will have to gain the trust of her classmates and teachers, all the while keeping her band on track for the contest. Help explore her high-school in search of clues. Its up to you to put up a great show!

cool barbie game about time, September 28, 2006
A Kid's Review

i have lots of barbie stuff, even games but I never liked the games very much until now. This one is really cool. you play Barby and you can talk to everyone and its really really funny. i like changing Barby's clothes. Also you can play lots of little games like fixing the music. The story is really good and funny. I didn't know at first who was causing problems for Barbie's band. her friends Tia and Courtney are really cool and Keviin is super cute. He helps Barbie film everything. Barby is pretty and super smart. She can be funny and silly too. She makes the mean girl (Raygun?) look dumb at the end. This game made me think a lot and I learnt a lot. I played it 2 times and I will play it again.

Barbie Magic of Pegasus
by Havas Interactive
Platform: Game Boy Advance

Magic of Pegasus

Product Features

Travel to a far-off land filled with princesses, horses, and mythical figures
Go on great adventures with Brietta the Pegasus and face new wonders and dangers
Make new friends like Rayla the Cloud Queen, Princess Annika, Cloud Princess Kelly, and Prince Aidan

Product Description

From the Manufacturer
In this magical adventure for Game Boy Advance, the evil Wenlock has turned everyone in the kingdom to stone and girls must help Barbie as Princess Annika and Brietta, her magnificent flying horse, on a quest to break the wizard's spell. Girls play exciting mini-games, solve puzzles, and avoid obstacles--throughout 20 fantastic levels and five charming locations of play--all in search of magical jewels to give the Wand of Light special powers to restore the villagers. In order to reverse the wicked spell and save the kingdom, it's up to Barbie as Princess Annika and Brietta to face the ultimate challenge--travel to Wenlock's Palace and defeat him once and for all!


Play as multiple characters
Explore the kingdom featured in the movie
For ages 5 and up

Product Description
Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus takes the adventure of the 3D movie and brings it to your daughter! Let her experience the great adventure Barbie faces in a beautiful fantasy world.

= Fun = Overall
Fun game for young girls and Barbie fans..., October 22, 2005
Reviewer: Marcy Gomez (Kansas City, USA)
Gameboy games for young girls are hard to come by so we purchased this game for our young daughter for her 5th birthday. She is a big fan of princesses and adored the "Barbie Princess and the Pauper" gameboy game so this was a perfect fit for her.

The game itself mirrors the gameplay and animation of the "Princess and the Pauper" game. In "Barbie Magic of Pegasus," Princess Annika has to find certain objects, uncover clues and defeat enemies to advance to the next level. My daughter (and even her older brother) has been playing this non-stop since she got it. I suppose this is the best compliment she - and I - can give this game. It is fun and not too difficult for a 5 year old to pick up and play.

This game has since joined "Barbie Princess and the Pauper" and "Strawberry Shortcake" as her favorite Gameboy Games. I would recommend it for girls ages 4 to 12 and for anyone who loves Barbie or princesses.

Barbie of Swan Lake

 Swan Lake

Product Features

Young girls will have a great time searching for hidden items in the forests -- while painting murals, creating musical flowers and more
Travel to beautiful locations -- visit Swan Lake, the Flower Fields and even the Fairy Village
Create five magical wands and enchant each area of the forest - add flowers, ladybugs, and even catch fireflies
Multiple games and activities that girls will enjoy -- they can even design lovely paintings and print them out as keepsakes

BestSeller Junior: Barbie Beauty Boutique

Beauty Bouitique Makeover
For the 1st time ever, Barbie's Beauty Boutique combines girls favourite makeover themes all in one title, offering the best hair, makeup and fashion fun!
Become the ultimate stylist as you join Barbie and her friends for a fun fashion challenge. Get each friend ready for the most glamorous events and transform them with great new looks featuring fabulous hair, makeup and fashion for a complete head to toe makeover. Start with hair and design a totally glam style, but don't forget to accessorise. Then go for an amazing facial, create the perfect look with trendy makeup, even add nail colour. Next choose a stunning outfit from a variety of fashions made just for the big event. For the grand finale watch your entire step by step makeover in a photo montage. It's an exciting day of glitz and glamour you?ll never forget

Barbie Fashion Show

Barbie's Fashion Show

Nice Game, November 21, 2006
A Kid's Review

This game is pretty cool! I love designing outfits, and selecting hairstyles. It's a really fun game. Every time this woman gives you a fashion show topic and you get clothes designs and fabrics. The graphics are great. But once you've played 2 or 3 times it gets boring. That is the reason I rate this game 4 stars.

More Coming Soon!!!

Barbie 3 - Story Dream House Playset

 Realistic Doll House

Product Features

Realistic sounds like a stove that sizzles, doorbell, even a flushing toilet and two songs on the house intercom Gourmet-style kitchen with plenty of storage comes with all the popular conveniences . The entire 3-story Dream House is over 3 feet tall and fully furnished
The third story has Murphy bed and is removable for on-the-go complete house play





Pet Rescue

Barbie Pet Rescue

Search for pets in 3 beautiful environments
Figure out the best way to rescue each animal
Nurture and care for the pets up close with a special onscreen cursor
Play fun games like the Hamster Maze and Kitten Keep Away
Ages 5 to 12


Barbie as Rapunzel: A Creative Adventure

8 magical activities with Barbie as Rapunzel
Break Gothel's spell, restore the castle, and free Prince Stefan
Create animated paintings and more with the Magic Tool Box
Dress Rapunzel for the Masquerade Ball
Create and print a magical memory scrapbook

Beauty Boutique

Barbie Beauty Boutique

Transform Barbie, Christie, and Teresa from their everyday looks to glamour girls
Makeover each friend for a wedding party, a modeling assignment, or an award show
Get the ultimate facial and foam mask, and choose eye shadows, lipsticks, and blushes
Create the perfect hairstyles, and design the perfect manicures
Search 4 different fashion collections to find fabulous outfits

  • Beach Vacation

    Barbie's Beach Vacation

    Play beach games with Barbie and her friends
    A variety of beachwear
    Choose flowers and party decorations
    Randomly awarded party favors
    Save and print your sandcastle creations

    Sparkling ice Show

    Barbie Sparkling Ice Show

    Skate with Barbie, Christie, and Teresa
    4-stop international ice show tour
    Create graceful routines, select dazzling costumes, and perform amazing moves
    2 fun ways to play--ice show tour or free skate
    For ages 5 and up

    Secret Agent

    Secret Agent Barbie

    Adventures in 5 exotic locales
    Use special jumping and running powers
    Decode puzzles and solve mysteries
    Interact with a colorful cast of characters
    Lots of cool gizmos

    Barbie Explorer

    Action-adventure for ages 6 and older
    Race to unlock the secrets of the Mystic Mirror
    Travel around the world, find ancient treasures, and gain special powers
    Run, jump, and climb to avoid deadly obstacles
    Two-player fun with 4 levels

    Team Gymnastics

    Barbie Team Gymnastics

    Create and view 3-D gymnastics routines for Barbie
    Compete in a variety of gymnastic meets
    Complete at 4 levels to win medals
    Play individually or with 1-2 friends
    Choose team outfits

    Detective Barbie: Mystery Cruise

    Adventure game, starring Barbie
    Join tropical cruise and solve art-theft mystery
    Use variety of gadgets to uncover clues and nab thief
    Different culprit each time you play
    For 1 or 2 players


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