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Free Online Pet Salon Caring Games

Pet Adoption, Breeding, caring, and grooming games



Dog Breeding ContestCat Breeder 2


Choose your breed of dog, start taking care of him. Wash , bathe him, feed and pet him. Take good care of him so he stays clean and full of fun and love. If you look after him  well enough you might win the cruft award. Love these cute little doggies and cats, and enjoy taking care of them.



Cute Zebra Salon

Cute Zebra Salon

This cute baby zebra needs her weekly bathing session. Wash, dry and brush her teeth. Add some special body lotion to protect her beautiful fur. Use the mouse to select and use the various tools.


My Pet Kitten Doctor

Play My Pet Doctor

 It seems that our poor little kitten is very sick! So, let's take the little cat to the vet ... listen to the instructions given by the vetand use all the right medicines and tools to make your kitty happy and healthy again! You can also groom and wash your pet, and  dress it up in cute kitty fashion. Enjoy!


Pet Grooming Dog and Kitty Salon

Play Pet Grooming Salon

First choose a pet to take care of,  then go through 8 different  steps to groom him, see how many pets you can groom in just 4 minutes! Add accessories and even take a photo to print out and keep!



Net Pet Adopta Cat or Dog

Cute adopt a pet game. Choose to adopt a cat or dog and take care of them.

 Adopt and Play!

Pet Feeding Time







 Adopt a pet online

 Fun virtual pets to take care of - pet salon feeding, caring, grooming games

Adopt a free online pet -  New Pet Adoption Games


Horse and Pony Caring Games


Fantasy Horse CreatorPlay Barbie Horse Rider game

Create your own fantasy horse to look after, or play Barbie Horse Rider - Oh, no! Someone forgot to shut the barn door, and the pigs have gotten out! Help Barbie round them up and return them safely to the barn.



Virtual Wolf Maker Creator 

 Virtual Pet Games

Search our site for the latest Free Online Virtual 3d Pet Games, and fun pets to adopt and play with - Find the best free online pet adoption games and websites with no download, good websites where you can get your own virtual pets to take care of, love, feed, breed and raise online. Top pet and animal games for young girls and kids. Pets that grow. How to adopt your very own pet hamster online. Fun new dolphin breeding games. Adopt and take care of a virtual horse games and free online farm animal games and worlds. Free virtual dog adoption games where you can adopt your very own dog, and play in fun online doggie virtual world and computer games. Some of you are looking for ferret games. Or what about animal games where you can adopt a virtual tiger online. Or fantasy pets where you can create a Monster, a mythical creature, perhaps adopt a beautiful unicorn, or make a free virtual dragon.

Dress up Pets and Animals

Dina the Dog Walker

Play Dina the Dog Walker Game!




Easter Bunny Jump

Bunny Jumping Fun

Bunny Bunny

Play Bunny Bunny

Push your frozen friends to the next level and put them on the right spot!

Cute Bunny Farm

Play Cute Bunny Farm Game!

Farm Zee and her best friend Cute the Bunny are visiting a rabbit farm near the seaside. The farm owner thinks that his bunnies don get enough attention so he is counting on Zee to make his farm more bunny-friendly


Virtual Dog Games

Big House Clean Up

Big House Clean up - Fun Dog Game!

This game has been played 9562 times
Today Jessica is in need of your help! She is trying to clean her help with her friend Alice, can you help them?

Toto Big House Clean Up, Winter Cookies, Easter Eggs, Tesssas  Pets, Dress up Nini the dog and virtual puppies, Dina the Dog Wallker



Virtual Farm Animal Games

Virtual Farm Games

Goodgame Farmer - New Farm Games - Farm World  - Farm Mania 

Adopt a Virtual Pet Online Directory

Adopt Free Virtual Pets and Animals - Online - Good websites FOR virtual pet lovers!

The following websites are all good places to visit, (being updated - please come back soon!)

Free Online Virtual Worlds with Pets - Free Online Pet Adoption - Desktop Pets, Make Your Own Virtual Pets to adopt, take care of, and play with


Dog Games - Best Websites for Puppy and Dog Adoption - Adopt a Cute Puppy Dog - or Baby Dog

Dog Adoption games gives you the opportunity raise your own virtual dogs, choose different breeds, manage and look after them as they grow from a puppy to a national champion show dogs.
Furry-Paws virtual dog game where you can raise, train, play with, feed, breed and show your dogs.
RSPCA CyberPet :
Animal Action Club is perfect if you're between seven and 12 years old!
When you join you get a fun-filled welcome pack with a puzzle book, badge, membership card, postcards, stickers and wallplanner
Virtual Pups Breed,train and adopt your own puppys and virtual dog simulation game
Virtual Dog from Ask the Vet, pet health problems.
Adopt a free virtual dog
Virtual Puppy - Adopt and care for your own puppy dog.
Virtual Pets World - A 3D world where you can adopt and care for your own pets,
Dog Realm This was dog sim game , now only runs a community for ex-players.
Dream Dogs Another dog sim game where you can show your dogs
VirtualDog.Net -Virtual dogs or digital puppies with abiltiies, and other animals
ChibiPaws virtual dogs site where you can adopt dogs and interact, chat with others around the world.
Tails of Service Dog Sim , Sled Dogs is still under construction. Blackstar Kennels was nice virtual dog sim site but is sadly no more. Houndism was dog sim game where you could race and show your dog , Chinchillas, Top Dogs , Sim Dog Club

Cat Virtual Pet Adoption games - Adopt a Kitty Cat

Felix a great virtual cat site
Meow Pal virtual cats from Meow Mix

ShowCats online virtual cat showing game, own and breed lots of different breeds of cat and kittens to choose from
Kitten Tracks virtual cat site - breed many different breeds of cats
Pure Felinity . cat simulation game where you can adopt, buy, breed , sell, and show your own virtual cats and their genes are inherited and passed on. to their offspring.
Virtual Kitty Cat Kitty Cat Virtual Sim game.

Cat Games
Net Pet Adopt and play with cats and dogs from American Girl

Fish Games
Virtual Fishtank Create, build , and design your own virtual fish and show them off in an aquarium.
Insaniquarium fish tank aquarium game

3d Simulation Cattle, Cows, and Farm Animal Games
Show Cattle An original simulation game that allows YOU to be the manager/owner of your very own commercial cattle ranch, raise and show your cattle .

Sheep Games, Camels and Llama Games
MoutonKing Original French/English sheep raising sim

Cool Camels cool camel virtual pet site.

Woolly Hooves Free to play llama sim

Virtual Horses - Horse Adoption - Adopt and Look after a Virtual Horse - Baby Horse Adoption games
online horse adoption and 3d simulation games include
Horseland Ride your own horse in a 3D world, breed horses, train horses, design 3D jumping shows, play horse jumping games, and even customize your horse.
Equine Ranch true to life simulation of the competitive horse world. Breed, raise, train, buy, sell, and compete virtual horses
Cobblestone Stables
Turf Horse -Breed and train colored horses, ponies, unicorns, and much more.
Horse Dreams , Pony Island a fantasy horse sim site , Four Hooves , and Pony Star no longer active.
Olympia Olympics sim horse game.
Virtual Horse Ranch massive multiplayer web game in which you can breed, buy, sell, auction, train, and compete with your horses.

Fantasy Pets - Mythical Horses, Unicorns, Monsters, etc
Whinny horse sim game roleplaying as wild horses,
Poor Mans Horse Raise, breed, horse and show them
Legends Horse Game mystical fantasy horse game .
Virtual Horse Sanctuary
Horse Hoofs virtual horses, miniature horses and UNICORNs, but you can't join any more, too many players.
Equine Champions
Horse Isle
Pony Box
PonyPaws virtual horse apet games
Red Waters
Townsend Stables
Blue Moon Herds
Land of Equines Equestrian Education Ring
Horses Forever
National Velvet
Capalls horse sim game allows you to raise, train, feed, groom, and compete your horses and an enchanted forest.

Virtual horse racing games online
Trophy Horse realistic online horse racing game
Equination.Net realistic and exciting horse racing game
SulkyLand horse racing for free
Virtual Horse Racing

Virtual Farm and Ranch Animals
Render Ranch first ranch simulator on the Internet virtual ranch, you can breed, raise, show and sell all sort of animals. Basic game is free, but upgrades need money.
Best of Breed Realistic SIM game - unique canine, feline and equine simulation gameraise and show dogs, cats and horses
Creature Breeder Raise, breed, and trade animated virtual pets on farms. Dress up your pet's farm with toys, plants and other decorations
SimAgri Online simulation and farm management GAME. Play a farmer and develop your farm
Animal Acres free to play virtual pet site with horses, dogs, cats, unicorns, centaurs, cats, pegasi, winged wolves and more .
Poultry Land Described as a fun and educational genetics based virtual pet game in which players can breed and show virtual chickens in a Massive Multiplayer Online Game environment.

Virtual Plant Games
Cyber Flower artificial lifeform created by internet users, care for and grow your own virtual plants and flowers.

Virtual Pet Communities with avatars
Moshi Monsters Adopt your own pet monsters in this virtual pet world , Create your own customizable avatar , play games, and explore this Mmog/Role Playing pet site.
Furcadia you play an animal that speaks and walks around on two legs in a magical SIM world.
Google Lively Lively was a virtual world network of avatars and rooms created and decorated by its users.
Second Life live your virtual life as a virtual pet avatar
Mr. Tiki - Tiki Island Adventure is also no more.
Reptilicious Virtual Snakes, Lizards and Reptile World
Anatheria Virtual World animal site that was created to allow people of all ages to adopt realistic, wild, and mythical creatures; and take care of them
SimLife by Electronic Arts

Virtual Monsters, Dragons Alien pets
Creatures / Norns Creature Labs, formerly CyberLife
PetNebula Best of all its totally FREE.
Inside they have chat areas, user shops, auctions, trades, planets, a battle zone, virtual dragon and alien virtual pets that live in a SIM type world. But upgrades do cost real money
SobaPets Free online website where you can create and raise virtual pets, collect and use a large selection of items, play flash games to earn points, not currently active but will reopen.
Wajas Very unique breeding sim, with Wolf like creatures

Fighting , Battle Virtual Pets
Eevopets raise and battle pets
DungeonDudes FREE online trainable characters, similar to virtual pets, but with role-playing game style advancements, and animated characters like monsters
KiroPets virtual pet site where you can raise and take care of your own pets--battle your pets, collect, trade, and use items, make new friends, chat .

Fantasy Virtual Pets
Fantasy pets and free websites for young children and little kids
virtual pet sites for little kids -safe, family orientated pet sites you can trust.

Other Online Virtual Pets and Animals
Poppy Virtual organism flash made tamagotchi.
Froggyville Virtual frogs - adopt your PET FROG
Woltar Adopt an alien and Woltarian, choose a carrier, find love, even have children...

Small Critters with Attitude Partly Free - adopt all kinds of critters and pets, rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, mice, hamsters, ferrets, gerbils, chinchillas.
All Creatures SIM raise animals in this Animal SIM game
The Sims by Maxis / EA / Electronic Arts
Psypets Creatures can make jewelry, and musical instruments, and swords, and lamps
Grophland Virtual groph pets from the mystical land of the Grophs, waiting here for an owner to raise and take care of them.
eCritters Virtual rpg pet site.
Adopt Your Own Pets at Cybertown
Cybertown Pets
Mania Pets online pet game where you can shop, get a job, adopt a pet
Saibaa no Tomodachi Cool Asian virtual pet game

Adopting Virtual Pets and Safety
Pet Adoption can be so much fun.
Nutrino Pets -PowerPets - Zunipets birthday pets
Dog Freak World
Creature Village Unique, Award winning educational site from Canada .

Virtual Desktop Pets
Screenmates desktop screen mates to download and play with.

Robot Virtual Pets - Robot Pets Free Online Games - robot dogs games

Pleo animatronic animals, or robotic pets and robotic dinosaurs
RoboPanda robotpanda by Wowwee Alive Chimpanzee robotic chimp -Mio Pet -robot dog game, Sony Aibo - Europe - Near Me cat from Sega all discontinued. We'll find some more for you soon!
Sega Toy's Dream Pet Series
Yume-Hiyoko virtual chicken plush pet from Sega -Also Owl, Parrot, & Cat & Dog from Sega
Furby Cheats & Codes
Furby Autopsy
Hack Furbie
Butterscotch My Furreal Friends Pony lifesize pony from Hasbro
Hasbro Butterscotch site
Hexbug Micro Robotic Creatures at Radio Shack from Bandai

Therapeutic Pets
Healing Partner Dacky
PARO Seal Type Mental Commit Robot a therapeutic robot seal

Live Pets That You Can Grow
Test Tube Aliens you grow your virtual pets and play with them your computer.
Chia plants grow over a shape
Virtual Pet Environments and Real Worlds
EcoSphere world?s first totally enclosed ecosystem - a complete, self-contained and self-sustaining miniature world encased in glass
Beach Sphere an educational virtual world environment , and Antquarium where real ants life in a virtual ant world.

Mobile Phone Virtual Pets and Music and MP3 Virtual Pets
Poli-the-Bear Polar Bear from Artificial Life
Otoizm Virtual Pet that eats music from your MP3 player, doubles as a Yo-Yo, an grows up according to the type of music you listen to.
Choro Mode Pet of robot pets remotely controlled from your mobile or cell phone , V-Penguins from Artificial Life

Virtual People Games
Make, create, build a boyfriend using your real boyfriend's face, and 3D virtual human interaction
Human Player small pet takes on your very own personality.
Little Computer People one of the first sites, using "digital DNA" to recreate your own identity online through their characters.

Virtual Pet Ant Farms
Ants Life Studio Ant farm - Sim Ant Farm - Sim game

Virtual Pets Software that you can download
Happy Hamster great virtual hamster game
Virtual RPG Spider game-Tarantulas
Giga Mouse Download Your very own virtual pet mouse. Play games, earn money.
Darwin Pond is an imaginary gene pool, artificial life virtual simulation world
Create Your Own Pet Tamogotchis

Mac Virtual Pets
Virtual Pet Rock download for MacIntosh computers
Fish Tycoon Realtime virtual fish breeding game. The object is to breed and cross breed fish, and solve the genetic puzzle, download for Macs
Flappy amphibious for your Mac from Tasty Apps
Chi Pet A growing plant widget for your Dashboard, like a real plant, it needs water and sunlight
Virtual Villagers download
Tigergotchi Adopt your own virtual tiger virtual pet

Palm Pilot Pets
Little Palm Pet - Thousands of unique Tamagotchi style desktop Pets you can take care of, teach tricks, create personalities.
Fish Tycoon Fish Aquarium breed and take care of your own fish in an Aquarium with y
Plant Tycoon plant and take care of your own garden.
Village Sim Look after and care for your own villagers

Digital Pets and Toys
Littlest Pet Shop Pets - Littlest Pet shop site
Tamagotchi Pages - Tamapedia Tamagotchi characters-Tamagotchi Connection Tips for Parents
Tamagotchi Planet Bandai Virtual Pets
Digimon - The the story of digimon
The Digimon Legacy mostly about the TV series
Nano Pets
Cyber Zoo good Nano information
Octagochi 8 in 1 key chain pet
Kugigi Virtual Frog key chain pet
ReX-10 / Robo-Dog Barking Dog Alarm security alarm
Petster robot pets like dogs or cats
Petz one of the greatest CD Rom games in the early days of virtual pets. (Games like Dogz, Catz, Babyz, Oddballz) still online.
Petz -also Dogz and Catz.
Babyz from Petz
Tama Robo Cat

Pokemon Pets
Nintendo Pokemon site

Virtual Pet Communities and Other Links
Check if these communities are monitored as content might not always be suitable for children.
Yahoo Pets Yahoo Pet Group
Tamagotchi Yahoo Pet Group
Virtual Pet World MSN group allows adopting virtual pets
Digital Pets Chat Yahoo Groups
Virtual Pet Cemeteries - Cyber Pets Cemetery Digital Pet Funeral Parlor Pet Cemetary for a virtual burial of your real pets

Pet Makers and Creators
Near Life
Bandai American Site
JDR Research
Playmates Toys

Virtual Aquarium







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